Executive Relocation Risks, Mitigation Strategies and Terms to Seek in Your Relocation Package

Chief executive officer-CEO
  • Temporary Residence — with the company providing a suitable allowance for a furnished apartment or other residence,
  • Transportation — local car rental and air transportation to and from your permanent residence.
  • Commuting — allowance for sufficient periodic visits home,
  • Remote Service — allowance for services to be performed from a home office in or near your permanent residence,
  • Tax Structure or Gross-up — utilization of IRC Section 119 and other provisions of the tax code to structure temporary residence as company lodging so that it is non-taxable or otherwise providing you a tax gross-up, so you have zero net new taxes for company relocation.



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Robert A. Adelson

Robert A. Adelson

A corporate, tax and employment attorney since 1977, Rob represents CEOs and senior executives on employment, compensation, equity and separation matters.